A Christmas Memory

There is a feeling in my heart.

A feeling of overwhelming love.

I feel at home.

I am safe and sound.

There is snow falling all around me, and yet there is shelter from the cold.

The logs in our fireplace are burning brightly.

Snuggled up near the hearth, I can feel the warmth of the fire against my once cold cheeks.

The stockings are hung, the cookies are made, the season of giving is near.

I hear laughter from above, there is a party in the flat above us.

The cheer is overwhelming.

I listen eagerly and appreciate the sounds of merriment.

I let out a laugh myself, what a beautiful season.

I turn around, and there he is, smiling at me.

We both know the joy of the season.

We sit in silence.

The silence speaks multitudes of our hearts contentment.

As we watch the fire dwindle, I seem to fade away, falling into a peaceful sleep.

When I awake, there are presents scattered around our little tree.

The smell of cinnamon overwhelms our humble home.

I find him happily brewing tea in the kitchen.

His smile warms my romantic heart, and, again, I feel at home.

In that moment, I know that no matter where we are, we will always remember the joy of that Christmas morning.


Hand in Mine

As we walk down this road, you hold my hand in yours.

Your hand guides me down our path.

Where there are obstacles in our way, the muscles in your hand gently turn me to a safer place.

Where there is room for only one, you extend your arm to allow me to walk first.

When danger comes upon us on one side, you pull me to safety.

I wish to spend eternity with your hand in mine.

Guiding me,

Protecting me,

Prioritizing me,

And tenderly leading me through life’s joys and challenges.


Sacrifices are birthed from love. 

When people love so deeply that they put others above themselves. 

When you truly love someone making a sacrifice comes naturally to you because you want to make them happy. 

You want to be the one that helps their dreams come true and brings a smile to their face. 

I’ve made a lot of sacrifices in my life, but there are some that I regret. 

As a human, it’s hard to put someone fully above yourself. 

And when you do, sometimes later you have regrets. 

Regrets about where you went to college, days you spent apart from each other, and everything that comes with it. 

Selfishness is the enemy of sacrifice. 

When someone makes a sacrifice for you, it’s hard not to notice.

But when you make a sacrifice for someone, you don’t get any recognition. 

No one really knows your pain or sees just how much you’ve lost. 

When you need someone, but can’t have them. 

When you love someone, but they don’t love you the same. 

When you’re lonely, but no one is there to dry your tears. 

Sacrifices come from a place of deep love. 

When you would rather see the person you love happy and would rather carry your pain alone, just to see them smile. 

Sacrifices are not for the weak of heart, but for those that love fully. 

He is himself 

He’s a man of integrity and grace.

Strength becomes him.

He is pure and admirable.

The little things he does bless me the most. 

Like putting the teabag in my cup the night before an early morning commute. 

Like kissing my head when I am stressed. 

Like calling me when he knows I need it. 

Like taking me on a special date just to celebrate for no real reason. 

Like holding me close when I’m overcome with sadness. 

Like listening to me as I whine. 

Some days I don’t feel like I deserve this great love of mine. 

Some days I feel like it’s too good to be true. 

Like I could never be good enough for someone who is always kind. 

The little things he does, are not the reason why I love him. 

I love him because he’s him. 

If he were anyone else doing those little things, my love would not run as deep. 

Yet, he is him, and I am his. 

He’s a man of integrity and grace. 

He is my man, and I will love him always. 

Missing you

I’m tired of missing you.

It’s all I ever do.

I don’t want to miss you anymore.

It’s exhausting.

I’m overwhelmed but you never seem to feel the pain of goodbye.

I’m tired of missing you.

It hurts too much.

I don’t think I can do it anymore.

Distance doesn’t make the heart grow fonder,

It makes my heart ache.

I long for the days when I don’t have to say goodbye.

But it hurts to want those days, when you don’t seem to mind all the goodbyes and lost time.

I’m tired of missing you.

My heart’s too sore.

If I Could…

There are not enough words in the world to show my love for you. 
There are no actions that can express how I feel about you. 

If I could catch a shooting star for you, I would. 

If there is a mountain that we have to climb, I will walk alongside you the entire time. 

If you need someone to take care of you when you’re ill, choose me, it would be my joy. 

If I could hold your hand every time you prayed, I would. 

If I could bring every bird in the world to your backyard so that you could see all of them, I would learn all the bird calls there are. 

If I could sing your favorite songs and lull you to sleep, I would learn every word. 

If I could convince you of just how amazing I think you are, then I would write books filled with the proof. 

If I could hold you every time the day didn’t go quite as planned, I would never leave. 

If I could fall asleep listening to your heartbeat, I would be in perfect bliss. 

If you wanted a kiss, I would never refrain. 

If you needed me, I would be there no matter what was happening. 

If you were scared, I would turn on the light. 

If you needed someone to encourage you, I would speak into your identity, and never fluff up your ego. 

If I could spend every day with you, I would and I would be grateful for each moment with you. 

If I could explain just how much I love you, then you would never doubt a word I said. 

But for now, I hope that an I love you will suffice. 

If I could, I would,

And, I do. 

I am the woman 

I am not the woman who will stand beside you quietly and watch you lead alone.

I am the woman who will stand beside
you and be your support.

I am the woman who will correct you if you have made an unwise decision. 

I am the woman who will voice my opinions. 

I am the woman who will speak out when injustice is being done. 

I am the woman who will encourage you and uplift you. 

I will boast of you. 

But I am the woman who will know you the best. I will know your weakness and still be proud of you. 

I am the woman whose mind won’t be changed. 

I am not the woman who is fickle in her decisions, and who does not know what she wants. 

I am the woman who knows where I am going, and knows what I desire out of life. 

I am the woman who has had many experiences yet has seen very little of the world. 

I am the woman that will lead myself if I have to. 

I am the woman who will not be judged by societal norms or be degraded by people who desire to harm. 

I am the woman who is empowered and capable of standing on my own.

We are a team, you and me. 

Even though we can both do this alone, we are stronger together and that makes us a better team. 

I am your support and you are the beam that strengthens us. 

Comparison Game 

I’ve played the comparison game before.

I played the game and lost. 

What I never knew was that the images that I compared myself to, were not real but rather false. 

You see I liked who I was, until people showed me that who I was would never be good enough. 

So I took time to improve, and change who I was. Trying to fit the standards of what the world called perfect. 

But when I was at my lowest moment, I realized that I could never be good enough. I could never fit the imaginary standards. 

The images I compared myself to were not real, and I knew that. 

So I decided that I liked who I was, and didn’t want to change for anyone. I remained the same and I was pleased. 

But then that same old game conspired against me, and asked to play again. 

I indulged with a haughty attitude, thinking that I could not lose twice. I was stronger this time. 

But all that meant was that it took twice as long to wear me down and make me feel ashamed of who I am. 

The comparison game reminded me that I can’t compare to a girl on a screen. 

I can’t compare to a woman enhanced and obscene. 

I can’t compare to the imagination of some perverted guy running a dirty magazine. 

I don’t look like those woman and in my heart I don’t want to. They’re perverse and disgusting, that’s not what I had always dreamed of being. 

But that comparison game doesn’t give up. He tells you things you never wished to be, and makes you feel insecure that you’ll never be the woman of someone’s dreams. 

I don’t want to lose to this game again. Hope keeps whispering in, telling me who I am is just who I should be. 

But that devilish comparison makes a pretty good argument. 

I can’t compete with an image that’s NOT REAL. 

I don’t aspire to be an image or icon for sexual pleasure. 

I don’t aspire to arouse perverse men with nothing better to do that fool themselves into thinking that these women are real and can satisfy them.  

I have news for you men, they’re not real. 

All the things you find appealing have been enhanced, injected, and imagined by a perverse man like yourselves looking to make money off of your sickening pleasure. 

The comparison game won today. 

I hope that one day, I’ll be able to win. 

I’m not perfect but at least I’m real. 

He Is…

He is loving. 

He is honest.

He is compassionate. 

He is handsome. 

He is kind.

He is smart.

He is wise. 

He is genuine. 

He is sincere. 

He is trustworthy. 

He is my everything. 

He is the love of my life. 

He is worth waiting for.  

He is the greatest man that’s ever lived. 

He is the lover of my soul. 

He is the one whose arms offer safety and protection. 

He is the one who collects my tears on his shirt. 

He is the one who won’t ever leave. 

He is more than I could dream. 

He is full of passion and motivation. 

He is the BEST man, 

And he is mine. 

Action Words. 

When I say I miss you, I mean it. 

When I say I love you, I mean it. 

When I say I trust you, I mean it. 

May my words always be reflected in my actions so that you may see the sincerity of my heart. 

May my words always be reflected in my actions so that you may see the commitment I have made to you. 

May my words always be reflected in my actions so that you may see the intimate moments I have shared with you. 

May my actions always speak louder than my words, but may my words whisper compliments regarding my actions.