Art is an expression of creative ingenuity that bubbles up out of a spring inside your mind. In New York City, there’s a place called the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There are so many different exhibits that you could be there for hours and hours and still have more to see. The styles of art are so vast that no two paintings or sculptures are the same. Likewise, there’s also a place called the Graffiti Graveyard where the walls are completely covered in graffiti and the art is so different to anything you would find in the MET, but it’s still art.

Art, in a way, reminds me of people because each person is unique just like each painting is different. Some paintings are wild and colorful, while other paintings are black and white. Some invoke happiness in the people that admire them, while others invoke love and other emotions. Each one leaves an imprint in a person’s mind and gives him a feel for the artists style.

A friend once told me, “I love make-up because I can paint on my face.” People express what they are feeling and who they are through what they do. It’s shown through their clothing, their make-up, their shoes, their art, even their schoolwork. Everything we create is an articulation of a thought or idea that surfaces and as a result leads to something spectacular.


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