That Fantastic Thing Called Art


Art brings different people together and unites them with a common pleasure. When this couple asked me to take a photo of them in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I agreed and I also asked what their favorite part of the museum was. It was amusing to hear them describing completely different exhibits as their favorite.

Every person has an appreciation for a form of artwork even though they may be different from one another. His favorite was the detailed Egyptian art exhibit, while her favorite was the elegant Grecian art exhibit. Even though their opinions were diverse, they both loved art and visiting the museum. I was told that visiting the museum was one of the highlights of their trip to New York.

Like I said, art can bring people together while love is what will keep them together.


One thought on “That Fantastic Thing Called Art

  1. That’s well put 🙂 My lovely boyfriend and I both live & breathe music, but appreciate completely different things. He loves metal and off-the-wall weird genres, I like a variety of styles including some pop genres that he hates. But at the end of the day we both love music (and each other) in general. And when we agree on liking an artist, we know they’re extra special!

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