Dance to Love and Love to Dance

  Dancing is the most intimate expression of love. When you dance with someone, you rely on him to lead your steps as you follow his direction. You give yourself over to him as he guides you around the dance floor. You have to trust him to not make a mistake and if he does, you have to continue dancing until the song is over.

    There are many different countries in the world and every culture has a unique dance that was born into the people. In Africa, the dances have a deep drum beat and involve rapid foot movement. In England, the dances are almost an adaption of Waltzing.

   However, the most romantic and alluring dance of all is the Tango. The tango originated in Rio de la Plata and is more commonly known as the dance of love. It is the most intimate and one of the more complicated dances in the world. For it is not something that can be taught, but instead must be felt in your heart. 

   Some say that learning how to dance is the hard part, however, anyone can dance after being taught for a while. The real problem is trying to find the right dance partner to lead you. 


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