Consuming Me

You know that feeling you get when your world crumbles and it’s feels like monstrous rocks have sealed you in. You have nowhere to go and you’re trapped battling your taunting thoughts alone. You can’t see the sunlight but you presume there must be some. However, there’s not even a fleck over the horizon or a gleam of what may be.

Empty. When trapped you feel empty and alone. There’s no escaping your tormenting thoughts and you feel like you have to suffer through them alone.

When you feel like those thoughts have consumed you like a boa constrictor consumes its prey. Just breathe. Sometimes a breath of fresh air will help you to clear your mind. Other times, it keeps you from completely shutting down.

Let go of the pain, the sorrow, and wait for the morrow. After all, they say the sun will come out tomorrow. All one can do is wait for the sun.
Breathe. And relax.


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