A Silent Serenade

In life there are thousands of decisions that you have to make daily. Hot or cold, yes or no, fast or slow, even high or low. We have to choose what we want for ourselves and our lives. What college to go to, who to be friends with, what to trust in, who to date, when to give up, or when to push through.

Decisions ultimately impact your life. Something you chose when you were 18 could be way different from what you want when you’re 26. However, you still have choices and options that need your answers.

Nonetheless, our decisions not only impact our lives but they also impact the lives of others. When we are responsible for other people in our lives, we have to choose what’s best for them as well. We are accountable to them and can’t be selfish in our actions.

I think that the hardest decision of all is to stay or to go. To let go of someone that you love because its better for them. When you love someone that much that you only want what’s best for them, then that’s when you have to choose to fight for them or let them go. The way I see it, if they love you in the same way, they’ll come back. If they don’t, then there’s someone out there who loves you even more. You just don’t know it yet.


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