A Startling Awakening

This guilt has been consuming my every waking thought and haunting my every dreary nightmare.
The guilt these people have placed upon me. Making me feel like I will never amount to anything or be good enough to reach their standards.
I know I have many talents. I know they’re above average. I don’t see many other people who can do what I can do.
But still, they make me feel guilty for not reaching their “so-called” standards that they’ve placed on my life. It is my life. I don’t have to listen to their opinions about me.
I want more than anything to prove myself to them. To please them. But that’s impossible. No matter how hard I try to please someone, there’s always someone who isn’t pleased.
Nobody should be able to make me feel guilty for just being myself and doing what I love to do. There should be no guilt from not reaching everybody else’s expectations. But, alas, I have allowed this guilt to seek in. I must get free from it, how yet? I’m unsure. Perhaps I’ll sing, or dance, or run around until it releases its grip on my mind and soul.


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