Little Rowboat

Surrounded by people who said they loved me and would do anything for me, yet I still felt alone. This loneliness would only be filled by someone who made me feel whole and safe. There’s a gap in all of our lives designed specifically for someone to come and fill it.

When I met that person, instantly I felt revitalized. I could be honest and open with my thoughts and feelings, and I knew that I wasn’t being judged. I felt secure.

My whole world was shaken up and there was no way to turn back. Our friendship grew stronger and stronger until this person was able to tell exactly what I was thinking before I said it.

I have never been able to trust someone so wholeheartedly but this time it was different. I had no choice but to trust.

I felt at peace. I didn’t have to work for the friendship and make small talk. It was just natural. The friend who stayed up until 3am just to make sure I was okay after an absolutely meaningless but still painful incident. The kind of friendship that everyone desires but not many actually have it.

Who taught me that we all have our issues and problems, but none of us have to face them alone.


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