Me, myself, and everybody else

What if we all took a step back from our busy lives to notice the other people around us? What if, instead of being so consumed with what’s going on in our own lives, we began to notice the things going on in other people’s lives?

Just think what could happen if we focused on helping each other and being there for one another. The homeless people on the side of the street might not go hungry. The person that nobody ever talks to at school might stop cutting herself because she finally has some friends. The person who can’t pay their rent anymore might not have to worry about that because an anonymous person paid the rent for him.

We could change the world with a simple act of kindness. There’s nothing stopping us from just saying hello to someone as we pass them by or complimenting a random stranger on an article of clothing that you like.

These simple things can make a massive impact in the long run. When you do something nice for someone, they do something nice for someone else, and this cycle continues over and over again.

Many people want credit for their kind acts so that they can be praised for their kindness. True kindness is done in secret and is recognized in the heart of the person it is shown to.

We are given many opportunities to show kindness and compassion, we just have to keep our eyes open and we’ll find them.


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