Questions and Answers

Questions are the thoughts that many times distract us from our goals. When we begin to question ourselves we lose track of the most important things in our lives.

When I question myself and question my motives, I begin to doubt the things that I’ve accomplished. An enemy tells me lies and makes me doubt my purpose and my importance.

When people ask me questions, I sometimes feel really uncomfortable. Either I don’t think my answers are good enough or I don’t want to let people into the walls that I’ve put up.

Some people try to break down your barriers all at once, while others stick around and ease their way in. The people who slowly gain my trust are the ones that I cherish.

Their questions are calming because I know that I can trust them and that they actually care about my answers. Therefore, when I begin to question myself, they’re the ones that supply me with hope. They tell me that I am good enough.

Questions are useful when you don’t understand something. But they neglect to be helpful when you don’t understand yourself. Then questions can be hazardous.



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