The Loveliest of the Stars

“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.” ~
Ingrid Bergman

What is a kiss?
A kiss means something different to each person.
A kiss to me is a way of expressing a deep-rooted love.
A kiss should not be wasted on
someone who isn’t worth your love.
A kiss is a polite way of telling someone you love to be quiet.
A kiss can calm even the most nervous of people.
A kiss has the ability to turn on the light in a sad persons heart.
A kiss is a treasure to be given to someone special.
A kiss cannot be bought or won, a kiss is a gift to be given.
A kiss is a secret between two people, not an announcement to the world.
An opportunity to kiss someone you love should not be wasted, because the moments we have are few.
A kiss to someone who has had many kisses is just a kiss to add to the list.
A kiss to someone who has had few is like the first star in the night sky. It lights up one’s world and shines brightly in one’s memory.


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