Pink Roses and Tea Time


This tea cup represents a memory.
A memory that shall never be forgotten.
A time when special friends, gathered with me in celebration, a tea party.
A feeling of honor overwhelmed me.
To see special people sitting amongst the crowd and just being with me.
Something that I love more than anything is quality time.
Knowing that people care and will take the time to just be with you is so special.
Coming away feeling honored by certain people is a wonderful feeling.
I am so grateful to know that I have such wonderful friends who would sit with me for hours and just be there.
Friends that would dig deep and say sweet, personal things to me.
Those are the friends I love most.
The kind who put thought and love into their words.
After all, we shouldn’t miss an opportunity to tell people what we love about them.
Those moments are precious.
The tea cups I received are a reminder of the people who gave them to me and I shall never forget them.

One of my favorite tea cups is the one above.
It’s beautifully crafted and exceptionally ornate.
I look at it and remember the person who gave it to me.
I remember how they made me laugh.

Tea time is one of my favorite things.
I love having many tea cups to take turns drinking out of.
I love being able to change tea cups each day and remembering the person they’re from.

Tea is a soothing liquid that can excite or calm one’s heart.
Tea is a comfort to the sad.
Tea is a delight to the content.
Tea is a gift to share amongst friends.

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” ~Henry James


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