Then There was One

Some days I wake up and have the sudden realization that I’m going to be left alone. Only a few more months until my friends go off to other places and our lives part. Then whose left? Just me and other people who pretend or think they know me. They will be gone like chaff in the wind.

The refined red head whose voice demands all attention. My fashion adviser who always looks like shes stepped off the runway. Her kindhearted spirit and contagious laugh shall no longer linger in the halls of our school. A woman of taste.

The beautiful Pocahontas whose intellect and insight never ceases to amaze those around her. Her wisdom and honesty that I have so many times sought for in a crisis. There will be no one to strut around and sass others who are full of themselves. A woman of excellence.

The southern belle with her country draw and sincere heart. She will no longer be the one to watch out for me like she has done on numerous occasions. Her clever wit and sense of humor won’t leave me laughing each week as it so often did. A woman of virtue.

The sporty brunette with her brash attitude and soft spot for her close friends. Whose bold opinions of everything in life often refreshed me because she was not afraid to speak her mind. The best person to command a team and get a job done quickly will never be replaced.

The four greatest leaders that I have ever met. I admire each for their individuality and lack of conformity. Their friendship is a treasure to me and one can only hope that space and time won’t tear us apart.


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