J’aimerai bien visiter la France un hour

In the city of France,
Known for affairs and sweet wine.
The plans of those waiting for a chance,
A chance for a picnic where they shall dine.

The Eiffel Tower stands tall and proud,
The louvre displays it’s treasures of old.
The sun sets in Paris as the streets grow loud,
La Vie En Rose sounds bold.

Not to dance would be a crime,
To dance may turn into a romance.
However, in France, you can’t miss that chance.

Glowing and glistening,
The street lights gleam,
Creating the most magical atmosphere, the flying strangers have ever seen.

So they parted from France,
Feeling relaxed,
And having enjoyed the sound of the
Experiencing many surprises at first glance.

Je t’aime they said,
On such a beautiful day.
Their story’s been read,
Now comes the delay.


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