Journey to a Far Off Place

Our boat docks at the pier of a place called Falmouth in Jamaica. We descend from the boat and are greeted by the smell of various spices and warm smiles from the Jamaican people. We take a taxi to Montego Bay and the drive there is a true eye opener.

The golden fields and trees that surrounded the roads are met with an equal beauty of the people’s crafts set up on small stands along the road side. We drive into a small city where the buildings height is so small in comparison to that of a New York City building, but to the people there the buildings are monstrous. I am amazed at the beautiful paintings and drawings that I see along the sides of the buildings that display the culture and the community.

I arrive at Montego Bay and the water is crystal clear. A bluish green lagoon that reminds me of something straight out of a fairy tale. The birds sing a song that matches the beat of the drums that can be heard playing in the distance.

A woman with braided hair approaches me and introduces herself with a bright smile. I introduce myself right back and she begins telling me stories about Montego Bay. I meet a man who is selling coconuts and I purchase one. He shows me how to drink and eat them properly. It feels fuzzy in my hands as I attempt to eat it with the “spoon” that was made just for coconuts.

After an afternoon laying in the Jamaican sun and swimming in the crystal clear water, I begin my journey back to the boat. On the way home, I realize that I have left my heart in Jamaica and with the people in that country. As the boat sails away, my view of Jamaica shrinks into the distance and the sun sets just over the horizon casting an outline on the hills. My journey is over but I know I will be back to my country soon.


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