Old Regrets and a New Road

Contemplative. A journey begins for a stranger, his thoughts have gone astray searching for the answers to his questions. Pieces of the puzzle have come together but the center piece has been lost.

Selfishness. He is consumed by the actions of another that are self-seeking and provide only a brief satisfaction. Careless with a lack of consideration for another’s life and the consequences that have followed.

Amused. The thought of people self-absorbed in their own little bubble of life. She passes by a stranger on the road, not willing to make eye contact or glance his way. He is overlooked and nobody recognizes his true potential. He is a better person than many of those who judge him.

Regretful. He considered the outcome of what may have happened. Looked at the reality of what has happened. He will not make the mistake of opening himself to the world so that people can take advantage of him.

Insight. He has moved forward and will keep his focus on what is real. Nothing will sway his decision.


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