Procession of Senses

Sometimes we hear, but don’t listen.
Sometimes we speak, but don’t think.
Sometimes we act, but don’t do.

We act as if we’re the only people who matter.
We don’t do the right things, and we choose to fulfill our own desires over others.

We speak as if we have a lot to say and our words are fast to overflow from our mouths.
We don’t think about what we’re saying or whom we’re saying it to.
We don’t think about the consequences that a simple word can have.

We hear every word that is said about someone or against a person.
Often times we forget to listen to the important words that are spoken.
We hear the words, they enter our minds, and we store them.
Sometimes we have trouble accessing those words because instead of listening to the words, all we did was hear them.

So we listen before we hear the words others have spoken.
So we think before we speak what comes to our mind.
So we do good before we act for ourselves.


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