Collectively Co-written

Quite a sensation,
A time for contemplation,
And maybe leading to questions.

So they better get some directions,
‘Cause their flirtatious ain’t working.
Strutting around thinking they’re number one,
But an outside look shows they’re just stuck in the mud.

In the mud?
More like stuck in a fog,
Need some clarity about the future they’re hiding from.

When you open your eyes,
Well you’ll be quite surprised with things you’ve never seen.
A glance around this small town,
A glimmering fantasy.
Of things you thought or perhaps you bought,
Because you thought you knew,
But observation I know will show,
What people forsake as truth.

The truth that the people want to believe is often misconstrued for reality.
There reading between the lines and making up these stories inside their minds.
Which could be true but I have no grounds to support these clowns.
All it’ll do is bring them pain and then they’ll just complain.
So if they observe then they’ll get what they deserves.
Instead of settling for the lies that keep meddling.


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