A Wordless Chasm

A chasm, void of words and emotions.
A place so desolate that not a single syllable has been uttered due to the presence of a detestable foe.

This villain calls himself by fear and mistrust, he implants himself into the minds of his clients. His henchmen self-doubt and self-pity are never far behind and are always carrying their weapons of deception.

An empty room with no windows or chairs. A place where no person can rest and where the air is not fresh.

The hero struggles to enter fear’s lair because the clients have paid a debt to a high security imprisonment in their own rooms.

They have no confidence that they can be released from their own personal holding cells. Little do they know, they each possess their own key. Tied on a string around their very necks, all they need to do is unlock the door.

This villain is rampant, he’s tearing apart the city. He’s invited himself into relationships that he was never welcomed into.

So the clients rebel, take their keys, and escape that hell. The chasm disintegrates, and the words begin to flow. The emotions that were bottled up are coming up in the well.


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