Curious Minds

There’s an unsettled feeling in my mind. Emotions encircle their way around my brain threatening to attack the reason and logic that I’ve clung to throughout my life. I find ease from my disgruntled thoughts when I am busy and focused on better things. On some occasions, my mind will distribute my thoughts on a rare place. A place that for so long I told myself I would not dare to enter.

Curiosity can be deadly at times and causes the person in possession of said characteristic to be blown away by misguided thoughts. I begin to blink away my wandering memories but the tears stream down my face instead. Sometimes my curiosity gets the better of me, and I uncover answers to my questions that I would prefer were sealed away and confined for none to see.

However, maybe that’s just me. Perhaps I may find another pastime that would keep my mind preoccupied and prevent myself from wondering into sensitive areas.


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