A Never Ending Ride

A series of rides surround the area. The voices of various carnival games are distinct even as the circus music plays in the background.

I explore the premise numerous times searching for a ride or a game that may satisfy my amusement. The more I look, the more clear it becomes to me that there are not many rides that are quite thrilling enough.

My eyes float toward the ground and I continue my escapade with little enthusiasm. Suddenly, the person in front of me stops short and begins pointing up towards a rather dangerous looking ride. I take little time to ponder the pros and cons of my endeavor and I pull out one of my many carnival tickets that are waiting to be used.

I am strapped into the ride by means of a thin harness. I begin to question why I chose this ride in the first place seeing as I have a fear of heights. The ride starts off slow but quickly gains speed, it goes faster and faster until I can barely breathe. We go up and down, around in circles, and then up and down again. I wonder if the ride will ever end, will I ever get off this metal trap designed for joy and amusement. The farther I ride, the more I begin to believe that I should not have gotten on in the first place.

Will this roller-coaster ever end or shall I be captured by the ride forever; going through the motions over and over again with a repeated outcome.

– An unamused passenger.


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