Vulnerable Sobs

“Betrayal,” she cried. Her heart was shattered and the trust that had been accumulating over the years now disappeared like a cloud of smoke. She sobbed, the tears would not stop from coming. She stood still with her pale face and red nose from crying too much.

She couldn’t understand why a person would tell everyone her biggest secret after she had entrusted them to keep it quiet. Perhaps for humiliation purposes, or maybe the person was just a vixen and she didn’t know it.

The humiliation would die down eventually. People would have to forget sometime, they couldn’t remember it forever. At least that’s what she told herself. Oh, if only she could have gone back, maybe her trust issues wouldn’t be so deep-rooted. She’s tried to be honest and reveal herself, but the vulnerability sinks in after a while and people take advantage of that.

The vulnerable girl who stood crying many years ago, after one person she fully trusted broke her confidence, has not been the same. She desires to be free from a fear of trusting and being vulnerable. She’s allowing herself to open up more but at the risk that she may be hurt even more this time.


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