Living in the Shadow of the Preferred

You can forge ahead leaving others to follow, or you can bob around in the waves that others make.

A wise person said this to me recently and it captured my attention. Enough to make me want to write about it. I guess I never thought about what it was like to bob in the waves that other people had make. Speaking from personal preference, I would much rather make my own waves and forge ahead.

However, life doesn’t always happen that way. I realized that I often times let people make waves, and I just move up and down in their waves. I’m sure we all have parts of our lives where other people are preferred over us even if our abilities are equal. The playing field isn’t always leveled, sometimes there’s bumps, and they’re higher than the rest of the field. That’s just how life is sometimes.

But we’re speaking of forging ahead. If we’re looking for recognition, you go only as far as recognition will take you. If you’re looking to advance through outward ambition, you get stuck when you meet someone with equal or more ambition. But when we move forward because we have been inwardly qualified for greatness, then we achieve all our goals with personal recognition and ambition.


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