A New Form of Superhero

Lack of movement. Left side swollen. Legs immobile. But smiling from ear to ear.
There are so many wonderful nurses and doctors out there in the world. Today I realized what they actually do for people. To the nurses who serve long hours.
To the nurses who change diapers.
To the nurses who rush from patient to patient administering meds every two to four hours.
To the nurses who would sit and feed a child his dinner, as he can’t move his arms or legs.
To the nurses who teach a mother to breast feed.
To the nurses who work relentlessly.
To the nurses who double check, even triple check, to make sure medications are correct before they’re given.
To the nurses who make babies, as young as one day olds, feel comfortable in their new environment.
To the nurses who offer emotional and physical support.
To the nurses in the PICU, to the nurses in the NICU.
To the nurses in the respiratory, cardiac, and neurological wards.
Your work is honored by someone who never fully understood what you went through to save people.
Now that I know, I can say with great thanksgiving, that you are true superheroes. You save lives daily. You never expect a thank you, but just know, that we appreciate every single thing you do. Thank you.


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