Christmas Ornaments

I’ve spent a lot of time this Christmas reminiscing. This is our first Christmas without him. I must say it’s quite hard having lost someone so close
to Christmas time. Everyone is so joyful and cheery, but at the back of all our minds is him.

I think back to a few Christmases ago and I am reminded of the time we spent together. Christmas morning making breakfast, and squeezing oranges for fresh orange juice. Then came the presents; oh the face he made when he opened our gift. We had found two hideous Christmas troll dolls and I suppose we thought he would be as amused as we were. Or we believed his face would amuse us further. Regardless, we packaged the dolls in the most beautiful box with perfect wrapping paper. The gift was picturesque. Nonetheless, he opened his present to find the trolls bums sticking out from their clothes. Oh how he laughed at the bloody trolls; the wretched Christmas trolls.
He loved Christmas, although he didn’t admit it often. He loved the snow, the lights, the movies, and even the presents. He was a glass maker you see, and he designed Christmas ornaments out of glass. We hung his glass angels on our tree this year in remembrance of him. I remember watching him make them, the beautiful craft that he had perfected. I stood in awe of what he could do with a few sheets of glass. My eyes were captivated by the soldering iron and the exuberant colors. He was brilliant at what he did.

Christmas is a time for remembrance. A time to relive old memories and also to create new ones. This year we are creating memories without him, but our past memories will not fade. They will remain etched in our hearts forever.



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