A Child’s Misinterpreted Longings

Why does her heart yearn for things that have come and passed?
Why does she wear her summer garments when winter has yet to end?

The seasons of her life are changing, but she isn’t moving. She’s standing still. Thoughts accumulated in her mind – worries, regrets, fear of uncertainties. She believes that she will encounter those thoughts within a short span of time. The answers will be made known to her over active brain; and what is uncertain will become certain before she can blink her once blinded eyes.
The darkness of days long ago glaze over her joyful disposition. She bites at the ones she most loves, and smiles at those who intimidate her. This sudden change in temperament is caused by the fear she struggles to shake. It grasps at her every fiber. She knows when she leaves this season, the new one will bring difficult choices and changes. She never thought that her life could be decided by anyone but her; however, she’s realized that her possibilities have diminished. Outward circumstances restrict her, and she thirsts for her childhood long forgotten. Where the days were endless and folly was cheap.
Childhood has long surpassed her, and age has taken it’s toll on her innocence. What was once a desire for dreams that she grew to attain, has now dissolved into a transient happiness with a halt in development.


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