Persistence in an Orange Dress

She asks if I’m disappointed,
What a wretch I’d be to respond.
This family that always provides,
A family that constantly tries.

Though dreams are normally greater,
Than the means we suppose we need,
That doesn’t mean we stop,
Until we have achieved.

Disappointment is a loose term,
It burns like sulfur in the listeners ear.
It takes root just like a worm,
And causes her much fear.

So no, my answer to you is this,
I have no disappointment here.
It is a much too complicated spear.
However, I am not in bliss.

Victories have vanquished it, and poof.
My heart is settled on some truth.
But with each passing day,
A reluctance seems to come my way.

Reluctance in a passing world,
I won’t settle for what is less.
Though my mind continues to twirl,
My life remains in an orange dress.


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