Traumatic State of Mind

Loss is something we all undergo. Whether it be losing a job, losing a house, losing a friendship, or losing a family member. Everyone has undergone some form of loss in their lifetime, and it is never an enjoyable memory. Throughout the years, I have seen close friends lose parents, siblings, friends. Death is one of the greatest losses we will ever face. But, death is inevitable, that is a fact. Everyone dies. The unknown is the amount of time we have alive on this earth.

Death is traumatizing. It never affects the dead though; only the living. When someone dies, they do not have grief or sadness because they have passed. The people whose lives they touched are the one’s who suffer the greatest loss. Anne Roiphe said, “Grief is in two parts. The first is loss. The second is the remaking of life.”

We are each given a different number of days in this world. Some of us live longer while some of us live only briefly. I’ve heard it said that the number of days are not what counts, but the significance of those days. I could live to be a 104 and do nothing of worth. I could keep to myself. Never speak to anyone. Impact no one’s life except my own. However, those days would be wasted on myself. What is life if we can not love someone else? Living without ever loving another person or changing someone’s life for the better are the only reasons, in my opinion, to live.


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