Feasting Amongst the Stars

The guests have been waiting for a while to enter into the banquet hall. The table has been set and the runner is a crimson red, waiting for the stars to take their places. The guests come in one by one, each puts something on the table. They brought their own special gift to the feast.

The star that sails the world exploring every culture’s food, she brings her love for everyone and every part of them, even the darker sides.
The star with little funds gives everything she has to serve the other guests; she believes in community. The star with the fighting spirit brings his gift of second chances, even though his favorite stars are consistent let downs.
The star with romantic inclinations brings his gentle guidance and I love you’s.
The star that lingers on the bass notes has written her fair share of music, but she really brought all the laughter and joy when she joined the small galaxy. Her star shines the brightest, though she doesn’t see her effect yet.

Twinkle twinkle in the sky,
These stars will shine long after they die.


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