Shattered Glass on the Kitchen Floor

“You bumbling idiot! You ran into a door!”

“The door was glass! All I could see was the other side. I did not know there was something in the way. I did not see that it was shatter upon running to the wild open spaces.”

“You should know by now, dear child, not to run in the house. For you see, glass breaks as easily as an elephant startled by a mouse.”

“But I couldn’t see my reflection in the glass, I could only see the flowers blooming amongst the grass. The trees were green, greener than all the trees, and I just wanted to see them closer than I had been.”

“Silly child, the door bound you, kept you inside. If you had run out, the seemingly spacious place would have ceased to exist. For we only have space when our boundaries are in place. Don’t run through the glass so fast next time. Walk. Then see what you should not pass. Can you listen, sweet child? Listen to my words. Don’t go past the glass. It breaks and you’ll get hurt,” he paused and thought a while. Then he added, “Adhere to my instructions, so that your boundaries will be in spacious places.”


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