Cloudy Skies

Floating on a mountain of clouds.
Deep caverns in the sky. Great mountains above. Dusted in pink and orange rays of sunlight. They look sturdy, and I think I may be able to stand on them. I may be able to follow the bridge of clouds to the end. Dangle my toes off the edge and see the world below. I would jump to a cloud just below the bridge, it would catch me and little clouds would break off. Hopping from cloud to cloud – then landing on a bigger clump of clouds. I would lay down and look up at the sky; a sky where there are no clouds because they are all below me. Then slowly and peacefully, I fell through the clouds and they are above me once again. I look up and breathe deeply. They seem so far from me now. The clouds that were once so close that I could touch them, are now so far. I’ve landed on the earth, and now there are no clouds to escape to.


3 thoughts on “Cloudy Skies

    • My number one tip on how to see the world is definitely to find a place that you’re passionate about or that you want to learn about and go for it. For me, learning is one of my favorite parts about traveling and seeing the world. I love opening my eyes to new cultures and opportunities. The world has a lot to offer and I want to see it all; one place at a time.

      I read some of your blogs and I loved them! You are a great writer and I enjoyed reading your tips.

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