Within Arms Reach

To my beloved, with all his answers,
And perfect love, unsurpassable.

Your eyes only see the good in folks,
Your ears hear nothing less than great things.
Your mouth does not boast of your greatness,
And you do not inhale any lies.

Your legs equipped for running far distance,
Your feet steady yourself, keeping you grounded.
Your arms offer a soothing embrace, in fact, I wish it were my hiding place.

Your heart is filled with love and compassion.
A message inscribed on the surface,
But it’s roots grow deeper daily.
My love for you is rare, monogamous in nature.

Your beloved could not be captured by another,
You bring light to every dark place.
You are a precious gift, and I will treat you so.
Treasured, enamored and adored,
Words that you well know.


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