Heart that is Musically Inclined

My heart beats faster than time would allow. When I meet your gaze my world stops, and then jumps forward. An hour with you is a blink of an eye. Comparison is an art I would not dare to try. They said not to let fate decide and lose out on something great. So here I am, holding out for a hero like Bonnie Tyler. Feeling alive like Celine Dion. Electricity is coursing through my veins and while I may say things I don’t mean or not express exactly what I feel, I know that he knows. I know that you know. My love runs deep like the ocean and shakes the world like tectonic plates.

I’ll let my heart beat faster, and slow down when the beat is right. Perhaps our hearts will beat in sync, to the music that controls our lives. The perfect DJ with the rhymes.


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