The Greatest Gift

I was asked several times today what my favorite Christmas gift was. This question struck me as a difficult one, since I received so many beautiful gifts. However, to be entirely genuine, I must admit that my favorite was my mother’s company. That was the best gift this Christmas. Whether it was cooking Christmas chickens, watching our Christmas movies, or simply sitting home together on Christmas Eve knitting. Her presence was the greatest gift. I think it can be easy to take a mother for granted, simply because they are so good and kind all the time; even if we don’t deserve it. Often I feel that my mother doesn’t get the praise and recognition that she deserves. She is a great gift. Not only is she my greatest gift, she brings me the greatest joy. I cannot count the moments where she has offered me advice, and wisdom. Just today she was consulting me on the wisdom of safe traveling. She is a beautiful treasure. Next time someone asks what my favorite Christmas gift was, the answer will be as follows: My mother’s company, because she is the greatest present a woman could ask for. She taught me well, she’s trained me up, and I am honored to follow in her lead.

Memories stay longer when the moments grow us stronger.


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