Only Once

I’ve only been in love once;

It’s been enough for me.

I’ve never felt the need,

To run away from what is real.

I fell in love slowly,

Not fast and not surely.

Nonetheless, I fell in love,

And trusted my heart to someone.

He has taken care of it;

Protected me from brutal realities.

The world is a loveless place.

But why?

Why do women insist on the bad boy?

Then ask themselves why he left.

Why do men chase after seductive women?

Who then leave them, stained with ash.

In this loveless world, why don’t we cling to the love we have?

When people turn away from real love,

There is nothing left to be had.

This overwhelming love,

Sacrifices itself each day.

It plans, it protects, and it prepares,

For the future that is to come.

When we find real love,

It is not a fling.

It prepares for our future,

Provides for the days to come.

Shows it’s faithfulness with a ring.

I’ve only been in love once,

But once is quite enough for me.


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