Define me. 

My love. 

Describe him. I shall. 

He is tall. He is strong. 

He has hair as brown as chocolate, and eyes as deep as caverns, and blended like the sand. 

He has a smile that can be seen from google earth, because it’s bright and changed my world. 

His arms hold me close, and they’re protective to the touch. 

His hands are soft and gentle, they’re never rough or mean. His hands are used to serve, they don’t sit idly. 

His legs are for support. I lean on him in troubled times, and in the good as well. 

My love, I could define you further, but you cannot be defined. You change with everyday, but the thing that always remains, is your love for me, and my love for you

It cannot be defined; it stays the same with everyday. If anything, it grows. Never ceasing, always loving. 


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