When the mirror lived my life. 

When I look in the mirror, do you know what I see? A self conscious silhouette staring back at me. I’m not depressed or sad, just a realist. On a scale of optimistic to reality, I see clearly with my eyes. The people scream, “lies, lies, lies,” but a lie isn’t true. 
I cry and moan. The pain of my self inflicted standards hurt too much. I feel as though I can not bear to hold the weight anymore. It may crush me, or kill me, these lies that I’ve been told. But in that moment, when I have not the strength to withstand this worldly torture. A voice calls my name. He says, “Child, I’m not playing these games. Take off the rags you have worn for so long. Take off the pain and the sorrow, my love. I will take your old clothes and they will burn in hell. Come with me, so you can be free and wear clothing fit for a queen.” 
So I removed my garments at once as he said, and He burned them right away. I was shuffled into an enormous room, and the light was as blinding as the sun. There were mirrors everywhere, and clothing like I had never seen before. When I was dressed in a glorious gown, I stopped and stared at my reflection. What I saw was unusual and different. Now that my rags were gone, there was a new person underneath them. The mirror was my new friend. My old self was gone. No more weight to bare. The self inflicted standards of the world completely disappeared. I stood up tall and confidence overtook me. I will never wear those clothes again. My glorious gown suits me far better. 


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