the position

Watching him watch her. The look in his eyes. From the outside, I see it as others do. They can’t see their love the way that we do. Outside looking in, I see the beauty and the romance. The pure joy on his face. The sweet love that her smile reveals. 

Today I’m looking in, but every other day, I’m on the inside. Is that how people see us? It must be. Love knows no bounds. It cannot see how it looks to others. It’s essence is pure and yet it stirs up jealousy in others. 

They hold hands and I feel those feelings. Not because I don’t have someone to love, but that he is not here with me. That I can’t hold his hand in this moment. That I can’t be completely absorbed in our own conversation. 

Love has an aroma about it. It demands the attention of onlookers and we search to find our own fragrant romance. 

The man who holds my heart has bewitched me body and soul. I’m jealous for his time, and he is for mine as well. Right now I’m looking in on a beautiful relationship. Three days later, I will be on the inside. Not looking anywhere but at him. 


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