The Loveliest Little Things 

It’s the little things that make life memorable. 

The way you hold my hand when we pray. 

The way you kiss my forehead when we hug. 

The way you tickle my arms when I’m being a tease. 

The little things make up every happy moment I share with you. 

The way you look at me when our thought is the same. 

The way you smile when something is strange. 

The silly way you talk when you want to make me smile. 

All the bad jokes you tell that secretly make me laugh. 

Every little thing you are and everything little thing you do, constructs this little thing that I call being in love with you. 

This love is not conditional. It does not depend on these little things to function. 

But, these little things are tiny secrets that my heart will forever cherish. 


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