As I sit, rereading his old letters, my heart skips a beat. 

I remember the moments as if they were yesterday.

The memories as though they just occurred today. 

I can not express the love I have for you. 

Words don’t seem to satisfy the enormity of this love. 

I am overwhelmed with love, so unshakeable and unbreakable that nothing could tear this apart. 

Your words are like wine to my ears.

Without your gracious love in my life, I would not be the person I am today. 

The letters you wrote for my sixteenth birthday, the book you wrote for our one year anniversary, and the quote book you crafted one day just to bless me. 

I cannot express the overwhelming gratuity that I have for you. 

I cannot describe how your love makes me feel all bubbly inside. 

This love covers a multitude of wrongs.

You saw past all my flaws. 

I can’t express what that meant. 

I know that there is no way to repay you because love is not a transaction. 

So, to the best of my abilities, I desire to love and serve you with all that I am.

I cannot express my thanks with my lips, so I hope you can hear my heart. 


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