If I Could…

There are not enough words in the world to show my love for you. 
There are no actions that can express how I feel about you. 

If I could catch a shooting star for you, I would. 

If there is a mountain that we have to climb, I will walk alongside you the entire time. 

If you need someone to take care of you when you’re ill, choose me, it would be my joy. 

If I could hold your hand every time you prayed, I would. 

If I could bring every bird in the world to your backyard so that you could see all of them, I would learn all the bird calls there are. 

If I could sing your favorite songs and lull you to sleep, I would learn every word. 

If I could convince you of just how amazing I think you are, then I would write books filled with the proof. 

If I could hold you every time the day didn’t go quite as planned, I would never leave. 

If I could fall asleep listening to your heartbeat, I would be in perfect bliss. 

If you wanted a kiss, I would never refrain. 

If you needed me, I would be there no matter what was happening. 

If you were scared, I would turn on the light. 

If you needed someone to encourage you, I would speak into your identity, and never fluff up your ego. 

If I could spend every day with you, I would and I would be grateful for each moment with you. 

If I could explain just how much I love you, then you would never doubt a word I said. 

But for now, I hope that an I love you will suffice. 

If I could, I would,

And, I do. 


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