He is himself 

He’s a man of integrity and grace.

Strength becomes him.

He is pure and admirable.

The little things he does bless me the most. 

Like putting the teabag in my cup the night before an early morning commute. 

Like kissing my head when I am stressed. 

Like calling me when he knows I need it. 

Like taking me on a special date just to celebrate for no real reason. 

Like holding me close when I’m overcome with sadness. 

Like listening to me as I whine. 

Some days I don’t feel like I deserve this great love of mine. 

Some days I feel like it’s too good to be true. 

Like I could never be good enough for someone who is always kind. 

The little things he does, are not the reason why I love him. 

I love him because he’s him. 

If he were anyone else doing those little things, my love would not run as deep. 

Yet, he is him, and I am his. 

He’s a man of integrity and grace. 

He is my man, and I will love him always. 


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