Sacrifices are birthed from love. 

When people love so deeply that they put others above themselves. 

When you truly love someone making a sacrifice comes naturally to you because you want to make them happy. 

You want to be the one that helps their dreams come true and brings a smile to their face. 

I’ve made a lot of sacrifices in my life, but there are some that I regret. 

As a human, it’s hard to put someone fully above yourself. 

And when you do, sometimes later you have regrets. 

Regrets about where you went to college, days you spent apart from each other, and everything that comes with it. 

Selfishness is the enemy of sacrifice. 

When someone makes a sacrifice for you, it’s hard not to notice.

But when you make a sacrifice for someone, you don’t get any recognition. 

No one really knows your pain or sees just how much you’ve lost. 

When you need someone, but can’t have them. 

When you love someone, but they don’t love you the same. 

When you’re lonely, but no one is there to dry your tears. 

Sacrifices come from a place of deep love. 

When you would rather see the person you love happy and would rather carry your pain alone, just to see them smile. 

Sacrifices are not for the weak of heart, but for those that love fully. 


Pray for Paris

Paris, my heart goes out to you. 

This loss is devastating. 

All my prayers are with you, your families, your loved ones, and your country. 

France you have my heart and we stand with you against this injustice. 

Under Observation

They’ve put me in a petri dish.

The light of the microscope burns my skin.

Their hands work busily writing down all that they can observe.

They apply heat to see my reaction.

Then they add massive amounts of ice to see if my structure changes.

Chemicals are tossed around; some burn, some create smoke, others neutralize the reaction.

I’m under observation.

They call me a specimen,

But I know that’s not all I am.

They’ve tested me with every chemical possible.

The reactions have all been different.

I’ve been burned and healed.

One day, they’ll be done with me.

Their observation will be over,

And I will be a specimen no longer.

Out of my League

There are a million reasons so I will name a few of the way this love took hold of my heart.

1. His heartbeat was faster than mine. It ran a race, while I only jogged around the track. Patiently he jogged beside me, until I was ready to run beside him.
2. The love never ceased, even when I made mistakes.
3. Learned all my favorite things – and used that to his advantage.
4. His eyes took me to a different place – a whole new world.
5. He serenaded me with music, as fine as wine.

This love is far out of my league.

Heart that is Musically Inclined

My heart beats faster than time would allow. When I meet your gaze my world stops, and then jumps forward. An hour with you is a blink of an eye. Comparison is an art I would not dare to try. They said not to let fate decide and lose out on something great. So here I am, holding out for a hero like Bonnie Tyler. Feeling alive like Celine Dion. Electricity is coursing through my veins and while I may say things I don’t mean or not express exactly what I feel, I know that he knows. I know that you know. My love runs deep like the ocean and shakes the world like tectonic plates.

I’ll let my heart beat faster, and slow down when the beat is right. Perhaps our hearts will beat in sync, to the music that controls our lives. The perfect DJ with the rhymes.

When the Tunnel Ends

I can see the light at the end. The tunnel is drawing to a close. With each step the darkness is fading away. The light seeps between the branches, letting itself in through the small crevices. They touch the corners of the meandering path, though the light is not entirely visible. As I near the end, the light becomes most intense. It absorbs into each nook and displays every blemish the tunnel holds. I’m in the light, and I can’t hide anymore. It’s too bright. My flaws are clear in sight.


Flowers are all around,
We walk hand in hand.
The garden is filled with sound,
We waltz in sync with a band.

He strokes her hair,
Kisses her softly on the cheek.
To run away, she wouldn’t dare,
Their love isn’t bleak.

Her heart is taken,
She won’t leave him alone.
If I’m not mistaken,
She wouldn’t go home,
She’d stay there with you.

Broken Shells – Her Tainted Truth

I lie awake. Haunted by ghosts of the past. The tears come and they don’t stop. They are never-ending, like the falls of Niagra. The quiet whispers of truth and the hurt that comes from them, things put to rest, rise up to the surface. I forgave, but, still, the trust remains broken. Images flash through my head with each second, thoughts swirling around as if in a blender. My heart beats faster and faster, I can’t breathe. My lungs are too tight. Lack of oxygen, lack of trust, the thought of losing too much.

I force air through my mouth, try to take in the truth. But honestly, your lies would be better in this instant.

Bright Paths with Dark Heels

Indecisive. I used to be able to make decisions, but as of late I find myself at a loss for making simple choices. I grew up knowing exactly what I wanted – no one could sway me from my choices. However, recently, I have been swarmed with options. There are too many choices; too many pros and cons; too many decisions.

I have grown indecisive. I don’t know what I want. I suppose life is an adventure when you don’t know where you are going next. It is easier than making a decision; a scary decision.

Marilyn Manson said, “A lot of people don’t want to make their own decisions. They’re too scared. It’s much easier to be told what to do.”

I think Marilyn was right. Decisions are
terrifying, being told what to do is far easier. Decisions are a part of growing up though, we have to make tough choices alone. We aren’t told what to do anymore and that’s scary. These choices are now ours to decide between, but the consequences are also ours to claim.