Quiet Quotes 



When She…

When she smiles, the sun shines brighter. 

When she sings, the birds stop to listen. 

When she cries, the sky cries with her. 

When she laughs, the world is overwhelmed with joy. 

When she is broken, Time heals her wounds. 

When she feels loved, she has grace to spare. 

When she feels scared, she finds shelter in His arms. 

When He looks at her, He is pleased with the woman she’s become. 

Pray for Paris

Paris, my heart goes out to you. 

This loss is devastating. 

All my prayers are with you, your families, your loved ones, and your country. 

France you have my heart and we stand with you against this injustice. 

A Delighted Soul

My soul delights in you. 

My eyes long to see your smile. 

My heart races when you’re near, or far, 

Because I love you wherever you are. 

You are perfection in every form, 

And love’s blindness is a diagnosis that I could live with forevermore. 

You are a treasure. 

You are attentive. 

You are a listener. 

You are everything and more. 

You need reminding, often, because you deserve to hear it when days are hard. 

You need reminding when days are easy, too, so that you know that there is someone cheering for you. 

I love you and all that you do. 

I love you and all that you are. 

I love you and all that you don’t do. 

I love you and all that you aren’t. 

You are all things positive and light. 

You aren’t anything negative or dark. 

My soul delights in you,

And my heart is glad to have found a home near you. 

Guarded Heart

I love you.

I gave you my heart. 

Guard it closely. 

Lock it up.

Hide away the key. 

My heart is yours. 

 Don’t drop it. 

It will bruise. 

Don’t let anyone else see it.

They’ll blind it.  

I gave you my heart. 

Guard it with the sword. 

Protect it with all you are. 

Keep it safe. 

Don’t let it run dry. 

It requires care. 

I gave you my heart, because

I love you. 


I have a secret desire, but I can’t tell you. 

It’s hidden at the bottom of my heart.

I have a secret desire, but it would hurt you. 

So I know I cannot tell. 

I made a list of all my hopes and dreams, and if I told you, you would be hurt because I need someone to meet them. 

I have secret desires that only He knows, and I can only hope He will meet them. 


As I sit, rereading his old letters, my heart skips a beat. 

I remember the moments as if they were yesterday.

The memories as though they just occurred today. 

I can not express the love I have for you. 

Words don’t seem to satisfy the enormity of this love. 

I am overwhelmed with love, so unshakeable and unbreakable that nothing could tear this apart. 

Your words are like wine to my ears.

Without your gracious love in my life, I would not be the person I am today. 

The letters you wrote for my sixteenth birthday, the book you wrote for our one year anniversary, and the quote book you crafted one day just to bless me. 

I cannot express the overwhelming gratuity that I have for you. 

I cannot describe how your love makes me feel all bubbly inside. 

This love covers a multitude of wrongs.

You saw past all my flaws. 

I can’t express what that meant. 

I know that there is no way to repay you because love is not a transaction. 

So, to the best of my abilities, I desire to love and serve you with all that I am.

I cannot express my thanks with my lips, so I hope you can hear my heart. 

Sobering Rain

The rain trickles down my neck.
My hair is sopping wet and the flowers that I held have only a few petals left.
My dress is covered in mud.
The rain poured and I was caught.
As I sit here in the dirt,
I can’t help but think that I put myself in this position.
The rain pours over me, and I don’t have the strength to leave.

The hardest goodbye 

I had to say goodbye last night, to the greatest nonchild I’ve ever had. 

I’m not a mother but I feel like one. 

She’s not my daughter but it feels like she is. 

I am the worst non-mother. 

I left her. For something she doesn’t understand. 

I’m so sorry. 

I wanted to stay. 

I wanted to stay with you forever. 

I wanted to wake you up in the morning and feed you breakfast. 

I wanted to brush your hair and tie it up with ribbons. 

I wanted to read you bedtime stories.

I wanted to collect leaves and play Dutch blitz. 

There are so many things I wanted to do with you. 

I loved you like a daughter. 

I have to go now, though. 

In pursuit of another career. 

The life of a nanny is a cruel one. 
But at the same time, it’s a gift.